Thoughts on CicLAvia Pasadena

(here they come…marching to the beat of the Muir HS drum corps)

Some thoughts on yesterday’s big event… As a pedestrian I am lucky that I can walk on the sidewalks of Pasadena at any time and feel safe, and enjoy the businesses and sights. I imagine was a lot more novel/exciting for cyclists to be in the street without worrying about cars. I enjoyed the walk and all the people, but frankly, it didn’t seem like it was an event for pedestrians.

I did think it was a great event and it was nice to see all those people out and about exploring our city’s streets at lower speed. When I first heard about it I had a hard time wrapping my head around why I should think it was cool, but definitely gave it a chance. I just feel that as a pedestrian it wasn’t aimed at “us” so didn’t feel as cool/unusual as it probably did for the cyclists.

It would have been nice if there was a lane for pedestrians in the street. Although the event organizers were very clear it was an event for all non-motorized participants, because of all the bikes I didn’t feel comfortable walking in the street. Most cyclists were respectful, but I felt in the way and just a little unsafe just the same.

What did you think of CicLAvia? I’m particularly interested in the thoughts of those who participated as a pedestrian rather than a cyclist.


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