Thoughts on CicLAvia Pasadena

(here they come…marching to the beat of the Muir HS drum corps)

Some thoughts on yesterday’s big event… As a pedestrian I am lucky that I can walk on the sidewalks of Pasadena at any time and feel safe, and enjoy the businesses and sights. I imagine was a lot more novel/exciting for cyclists to be in the street without worrying about cars. I enjoyed the walk and all the people, but frankly, it didn’t seem like it was an event for pedestrians.

I did think it was a great event and it was nice to see all those people out and about exploring our city’s streets at lower speed. When I first heard about it I had a hard time wrapping my head around why I should think it was cool, but definitely gave it a chance. I just feel that as a pedestrian it wasn’t aimed at “us” so didn’t feel as cool/unusual as it probably did for the cyclists.

It would have been nice if there was a lane for pedestrians in the street. Although the event organizers were very clear it was an event for all non-motorized participants, because of all the bikes I didn’t feel comfortable walking in the street. Most cyclists were respectful, but I felt in the way and just a little unsafe just the same.

What did you think of CicLAvia? I’m particularly interested in the thoughts of those who participated as a pedestrian rather than a cyclist.


5/31/15 – CicLAvia Pasadena


Looking for company for next weekend’s CicLAvia Pasadena event? Come walk with us! Will be starting at 10AM from the corner of Bonnie and Colorado (in front of the Chick-fil-A). We’ll walk west on Colorado, and exploring the route “spurs” on Lake Ave and Raymond too.

From the CicLAvia website:

Pasadena has played host to parades, bike races and music festivals, and for the first time is opening its streets to the largest car-free open streets event in America. CicLAvia – Pasadena Presented by Metro takes place from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 31. The city will lend its own charm and flair to CicLAvia as participants travel along Colorado Boulevard, and down side streets to parks and historic architecture using foot, pedal and non-motorized wheel power. Go Metro to CicLAvia, the event route will connect to the Memorial and Del Mar the Metro Gold Line Stations enabling participants to have a car-free or car-lite day.

CicLAvia – Pasadena Presented by Metro is the most walkable CicLAvia to date at 3.5 miles. The cozy distance will offer participants the opportunity to peruse and explore Pasadena’s business gems and cultural treasures. Spurs off the main route on Raymond Avenue and Lake Street will take participants to local parks. And CicLAvia’s new partnership with Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities, Cirque du Soleil’s newest touring Big Top show, coming to southern California this fall, will give participants young and old a smile-inducing and awe-inspiring entertainment adventure.