Lower Arroyo Photos – such a great group!

Photo credits: Cindy Hunt Benson, Sherry Giambalvo Grueter, Sarah Emery Bunn

It was our biggest turnout yet! 25 walkers came out to share a walk in the Lower Arroyo Seco, and we had a wonderful time! One of our walkers was Tim Martinez, who (among other things) is the Outreach Coordinator at the Arroyo Seco Foundation. He was able to talk to us about conservancy efforts and answer questions about the flora, fauna and history of the area we were walking. So glad he was with us!

Every single one of the people who came was such great company. It makes me extremely happy to connect with people in our community in this way!

I think the next group walk will be something more urban – stay tuned – hopefully sometime mid-February!


2 thoughts on “Lower Arroyo Photos – such a great group!

  1. I read about your plan to do this and got inspired and went with a friend. I hope to join your group at some point. It was so fun. We started by Mission in South Pasadena at the park and went up to the Rose Bowl and back around. It was amazing.

    • I’m so glad you felt inspired to hike the Arroyo. Truly beautiful isn’t it. 🙂 By the way if you are the same Sandra who asked to be added to the Facebook group yesterday, can you do me a favor and re-request? I think I may have accidentally rejected the request! Sorry!

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