1/31/15 – Lower Arroyo Seco: Rose Bowl to South Pasadena

1 - Colorado Street Bridge looking North

Saturday January 21, 2015
We’ll meet at the benches in front of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center at 2PM.

5.5 miles round trip. The walk can be shortened at various points – e.g. cross the Arroyo at the San Rafael foot bridge. Likewise, walkers could add a Rose Bowl loop (3.3 mi) or stroll around Brookside park to lengthen the walk.

Lower Arroyo walk mapThe walk: From the parking lot, we’ll cross the street and head south where we’ll leave the road at a trail map sign to drop down under the 134 Freeway bridge and the Colorado street bridge. There is running water, trees, wildlife, and the path is uneven in places with one short steep section. Once we cross under the bridges, the path becomes flat with a packed dirt surface and follows the arroyo “river”. We will pass the archery range, the “camel’s hump”, the stables, and finally we will end up in South Pasadena at the Lower Arroyo Park. We’ll cross the bridge, and return on the other side.

Hope you will join us! This is a great walk to do in a group. Suitable for all! You can RSVP on the Facebook Eventcontact us to let us know to expect you, or simply show up!


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