Lake Ave Urban Hike – Photos

Photo credits: Margaret Bridwell, Edrina Calderon, Sarah Emery Bunn

Gotta admit, this was a challenging one! But 14 intrepid walkers (15 if you include Olivia the dog) hiked Lake Avenue from California Boulevard all the way up to where Lake ends at Loma Alta. We walked five miles uphill all the way with an elevation change of about a thousand feet. Fantastic company – got some interesting history, recommendations for BBQ restaurants, and just generally enjoyed spending time with our fellow Pasadenans! It is a true joy to watch the connections and friendships begin and flourish, and I especially love the authentic and exuberant smiles that come after walking together.



2 thoughts on “Lake Ave Urban Hike – Photos

  1. I sure would like to go on one of these walks, but 5 miles straight up Lake Ave. seems a bit daunting to me. Hope you have some easier treks for a newbie!

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