Tracing the Remains of Busch Gardens – 1/28/18

midwinterinbuschgardensSunday January 28, 2018 | 2PM
Meet at 2PM at the southwest corner of Arlington & Orange Grove.

Pasadena’s Busch Gardens is long gone, but thanks to a great article/item at KCET recently, we are going to take a walk to see the hidden remains of this piece of our city’s history. This won’t be a long or very vigorous walk, just a chance to explore and walk and talk!

Approximate Route:

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 11.41.18 AM.png


From Petrea Burchard: “Hi everyone. In 2010 I wrote a series of posts about some of the sights in Busch Gardens. These were on the blog where I posted every day for about 5.5 years, Pasadena Daily Photo.”



2/15/15 – Lake Avenue: Up the Hill from California to Loma Alta!


When/Where? Sunday Feb 15, 2015. Meet at the Northeast corner of Lake and California (outside Gary’s Mini Market) at 9AM.

Distance/Time: 4.7 miles, ~2 hrs? (Double that if you plan to walk back down to Lake/California!)

The walk: I think of Lake Avenue as a supporting pillar of the city. There are a lot of great sights to see. We’ll pass through the South Lake district, and head north crossing Del Mar, Colorado, Washington, Orange Grove, Woodbury, Altadena drive – all the way up to where Lake ends at Loma Alta, right at the foot of the San Gabriel mountains. That last stretch is a steep one, and the views from the top of Lake are amazing! You can decide whether you’re up for walking back down again, or if you’d rather take the bus back down again (180/181 bus stop @ Lake & Altadena Dr.) – also feel free to organize car pools or Uber yourself back.

Parking: Be mindful of where you park – most lots are for customers of those businesses only. Not sure if the meters on Lake itself are in effect on Sundays but there is unmetered street parking on California, Hudson, and Catalina. There are signs that say 2 hour limit, but the fine print says “except Sundays”. I called the Pasadena Transportation office to be sure, and was assured that we can park for however long we need to in those zones on Sunday.

Why? Because I’ve never done it before! I’ve walked sections of Lake but never north of Orange Grove. I know from experience that getting out of the car and seeing a street from ground level is always eye-opening. You’ll see businesses you’ve only driven past before, you’ll admire buildings you just never noticed. You’ll enjoy chatting with your fellow walkers! Hope to see you there!